The Temple of solomon Who wrote the Bible and why

Who wrote the Bible and why

What happened to the Temple of Solomon

Who wrote the Bible and why
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The Promised Land
The Hittites
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The goal of this site is not to question the beliefs of the followers of the three great religions of the book, but to look at the archaeological and historical evidence in all its forms, so as to try to understand the reasons why almost half of the world's population looks to Jerusalem.
This site is not linked in anyway with any religion although it deals with the subject of religions and their histories, however it is of interest to open minded people to know how their religions came into being and how they were moulded by the events of history and different civilizations over the four or five millenium of man's history. Since Jerusalem is the focal point of the three religions founded in the Levant, it is of interest to trace its history and examine how it came to be what it is today; the junction of three religions, which are all in agreement on so many points yet have diverging views on human society.