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Painting...a pastime...


During my moments of relaxation I like to paint, for some reason I have mainly focused on the Correda, I think it's because I find the colors interesting and I have tried to depict the bull as a desperate and unwilling victim. At the same time I should mention that I'm not anti-bullfighting since there are so many other things that we should focus on. Spending part of the year in the Basque country where bullfighting is a long tradition I have of course attended many corredas.

I have also included here some of the local painters from that region of France who have concentrated on less dramatic subjects.

My personal taste is fairly broad but I have a liking for Francis Bacon, and having had the opportunity to see his paintings directly I admire his extraordinary talent that seems to dip into the heart of the matter. I lived part of my life a stones throw from his studio and frequented many of his haunts, though I never knowingly met him in reality I feel close to him as another Londoner, knowing the simple pleasures of London pubs, restaurants and galleries.



Correda without name


I painted this in the spring of 2004 at Hendaye in the Basque Country you will see that the colors are recurring in many of my paintings with a dominance of reds and ochres, representing blood and sand. The bull is the principal actor with the torrero in a secondary role. It was given to a torero from Pampelona


Francis Bacon


'Study for Pope IV' painted in 1961 and sold for 2,805,600 a little more than I could ask, though certainly worth it, I mean Bacon's. See 'A golden Gutter Life' his biography by Daniel Farson.


Dany Bailly


Dany Bailly is well known in the Basque Country and has painted many exotic themes, here the subject is appears to be more conventional but is nevertheless striking for its colors and simplicty.


Rodrigo Barrientez


Two of Rodrigo's engravings at the Carrousel du Louvre in 2002. Rodrigo is a Colombian painter who has lived in France for many years and has specialised in engraving on wood.


Rodrigo in his studio

This appears to a littely egoist as he seems to be admiring one of my paintings, in fact he is just politely standing next to it. for the photo.