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Some books I've recently read and liked

(good for reading in a sand storm like this one I experienced in the south of Morocco)



It is sometimes difficult for those of use who like reading and have already read a great deal to know what to read next, so I have dedicated this page to introducing you to books that have recently giving me pleasure. Personally I have a broad taste but of course each of us has his or her preferences in content and style.


Mario Vargas Llosa

'Travesuras de la nina mala / Mischiefs of the Bad Girl' another outstanding story from Vargas Llosa, this time an unsual love story set in Paris and other places. approx 300 pages

Vassili Axionov

'Moscovite Saga' a novel covering the period from the death of Lenin to that of Stalin. It covers the life of a family andthe drama of that period. An excellent novel though it takes time to get in to it. approx 900 pages, other titles 'Les Orange du Maroc'

Francis Bacon

'The Golden Gutter Life of Francis Bacon' by Daniel Farsons, anexcellent down to earth biography of the painter today out of print. I found my copy in a second hand bookshop in the Latin Quarter. approx 300 pages

John Dos Pasos

'The 42nd Parallel'' the first part of his famous USA trilogy , it took me a long time to get around to reading this but it was worth while, approx 400 pages, other titles 'Manhattan Transfer'

Mario Vargas Llosa

'The Feast of the Goat' a brilliant novel about the fall of Trujillo the dictator of the Dominican Republic, excellent reading, approx 400 pages