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My first visit to Nepal was in 1977 followed by another trip in 1978. I went there to investigate the country's needs for paper. The office of the prospective owner of a paper mill was in the building in the image on the right where a cow is standing by the door.  To visit the site of the mill I travelled about 270km from Kathmandu to a small village near Birgunj not far from the Indian border, a hair raising 14 hour ride in a taxi, as the only two rental cars in the city were booked. Today it takes about half of that time. These are a few of the photos I still have of that visit. The road went down forever as as I am a bad passenger and suffer from vertigo it was without end, down, down, down..... Kathmandu lies in a valley at an altitude of  1,324 metres and to reach India by road the Mahabarat Mountain Range has to be crossed, the highest point on the road is at Daman at an altitude of 2,400 metres with a splendid view of the Kathmandu Valley and where I had an extraordinary view of Mount Everest.