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A weekly news letter, Saturday, March 22, 2008

Death in Kovalam Subprime & Contagion
The story is set in an Indian beach resort, popular amongst British tourists, over the Christmas vacation. Tom Barton, a City mortgage broker, arrives in Kovalam after abandoning his business in the wake of the subprime crisis. In his luxury hotel he meets Emma, the wife of Stephen Parkly, the CEO of a London bank, West Mercian Finance. Stephen Parkly falls gravely ill with a mysterious infection and is hospitalized in a local clinic.
His situation rapidly declines and he is put into intensive care. At the very same time his bank is caught in a Northern Rock style run.                         Dr. Ryan Kavanagh, a specialist in internal medicine, on holiday with his mother and sister Sarah, discovers an attempted cover-up by the Indian authorities.                     The disease is diagnosed as cholera, panic sets in when tourists start to fall ill with the deadly infection, just as the tourist season is getting into full swing. Thousands of British tourists enjoying the sun on the beaches are unaware of the pending epidemic.                    Many of the same tourists, ignorant of the crisis facing West Mercian Finance, are about to see their life savings wiped out in the collapse. For all details please contact:  

Is your book ready for publishing? This is an important question since if your book is ready you should be able to answer the following questions in the affirmative: is it complete? has it been corrected for grammar and spelling? has it been written with a recognised word processor? does it need polishing? is it your first book? if the answers to these questions are yes or almost then you need to find an agent. Why? because publishers work with agents who do the work of sifting through the countless manuscripts they receive from writers. Agents help to  bring writers books up the level needed for publication and are paid for this by 10% of the writers royalties on sales.

Our only adds are for charitable organizations. So why not donate a dollar or two directly to one of these charities!
The Legacy of Solomon is the latest novel from John Francis Kinsella. The story takes place in Israel where a writer investigates the archaeological story behind the work to discover the site of the Jewish Temple, the biblical legend, against a background of conflicting evidence and the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Visit
Publishing is a business
It is necessary to remind all budding writers that publishing if of course a business, the days when books were printed for the love of literature are long gone and so are the philanthropists, as the cost of printing, publishing and distributing a book are considerable.

Books Literature and Writing will be please to receive your articles and comments as well as reviews of new (and old) books that you have recently read. Please contact our editorial desk at the following address and we shall endeavour to reply to you promptly.

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Electronic books
There has been a spate of announcements from people as varied as Amazon and Apple on their new electronic books. Have we heard this before, yes! These marvels have been around for some time and no doubt they are here to stay. The price range from 300 to 600 dollars, quite a lot of money for a read, though we have heard that as many as fifty different books can be held in the memory as well as newspapers and other reading matter. The question is would you invest this money real books or in virtual books?

The Paris Book Fair

Once again the Paris book fair  the Salon du Livre has opened its doors. This year Israel is the honoured guest to the chagrin of the Muslim world. As a book fair this event is generally speaking directed at the public, which is to say promoting and selling books to the generally public rather than a professional book fair. There is no space for writers, agents and publishers, and regretfully is not the kind of place where a future writer can be discovered. It is of course francophone and therefore limited to a relatively smaller market compared to for example the leading book fair in Frankfort, which has a much broader appeal. On the subject of Israel - a question too complicated - for most people, The Legacy of Solomon by John Francis Kinsella has this question as its backdrop, a story of intrigue, archaeology, religion and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our field of interest
Mario Vergas Llosa
Travesuras de la niņa mala is magnificent nove, itl was reviewed in its original language by Sumpinein who found it an extraordinarily unusual and beautiful book. It has appeared in English and French and is a highly recommendable read by this brilliant writer.
News Letter
Our news letter mostly concerns literature and writing, but there are other books that interest us, travel books, books on history and archaeology, science and exploration, biographies of recent and historical figures. Regretfully poetry and art are not part of our speciality though the lives of great artists interests us, painters such as Francis Bacon or historical composers such as Jean Sibelius. We are equally interested in books in French, German and spanish
Send us news of your books and we shall inform our readers on these pages in
our next issue after the Easter vacation
2007 was the 50th anniversary of the death of Jean Sibelius the world renowned  Finnish composer Peace talks make little progress between Israel and the Palestinians.