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The story is set in an Indian beach resort, popular amongst British tourists, Kovalam in the southern state of Kerala. It opens just seven shopping days to Christmas in the London suburb of Romford. Different people are preparing for their year end holiday including Tom Barton, a City mortgage broker. He arrives in Kovalam after abandoning his business in the wake of the subprime crisis. In his luxury hotel he meets Emma, the wife of Stephen Parkly, the CEO of a London bank, West Mercian Finance. Stephen Parkly falls gravely ill with a mysterious infection and is hospitalized in a local clinic. His situation rapidly declines and he is put into intensive care. At the very same time his bank is caught in a Northern Rock style run. 

For those of you travelling to Kerala in India

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Dr. Ryan Kavanagh, a specialist in internal medicine, on holiday with his mother and sister Sarah, discovers an attempted cover-up by the Indian authorities fearing for their tourist industry. The disease is diagnosed as cholera, panic sets in when tourists start to fall ill with the deadly infection, just as the tourist season is getting into full swing. Little do they suspect death is lurking in the piles of rubbish, an eyesore, in and around the seafront area. Thousands of British tourists enjoying the sun on the beaches are unaware of the pending epidemic. Many of the same tourists, ignorant of the crisis facing West Mercian Finance, are about to see their life savings wiped out in the collapse.

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